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Meet Debbie

Debbie has been teaching piano for over 25 years and is a member of the Northern Kentucky Music Teacher Association, local, state & national. Debbie also accompanied the Blessed Sacrament Church choirs for ten years and has performed in many programs.

With thousands of hours of lessons given to students over the years, Debbie is sure to give you the best possible experience while learning the piano

Activities and motivation

Recitals and themed piano parties give students the opportunity to perform for other peers, parents, relatives, and judges, which gives them reason to practice and learn their music well.

Additionally, students can earn stickers and trophies for practice and achievement for their piano pieces.

Debbie has a vast collection of classical, popular, jazz, christmas, and sheet music for different levels of expertise to motivate and entertain the students.


Received a Bachelors in Piano Performance from Northern Kentucky University Continuing education from conferences, workshops, & seminars.